DL-Panthenol CAS 16485-10-2 for sale
DL-Panthenol CAS 16485-10-2 for sale

DL-Panthenol CAS 16485-10-2 Wholesale & Bulk

DL-Panthenol can promote the metabolism of proteins, fats and sugars in the human body, protect skin and mucous membranes, improve hair color and luster, and prevent the occurrence of diseases.

DL-Panthenol, the active form of panthenol, is enzymatically cleaved to form pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5), which is an essential component of Coenzyme A that acts as a cofactor in many enzymatic reactions that are important for protein metabolism in the epithelium.

Due to its good penetration and high local concentrations, DL-Panthenoll is used in many topical products, such as ointments and lotions for treatment of dermatological conditions to relieve itching or promote healing. Dermatological effects of the topical use of dexpanthenol include increased fibroblast proliferation and accelerated re-epithelialization in wound healing. Furthermore, it acts as a topical protectant, moisturizer, and has demonstrated anti-inflammatory properties. The vitamin ingredient Panthenol is valued in skin and hair care applications for its moisturizing properties. It has anti-inflammatory effects and soothes irritated and sensitive skin. For hair care application it is known for its humectant properties and its ability to improve the resistance of hair to mechanical stress.

Specifications of DL-Panthenol CAS 16485-10-2

AppearanceWell dispersed white powderConforms
Assay99.0 ~ 102.0%99.88%
Loss on drying≤0.5%0.2%
Heavy metals≤10ppm≤8ppm
Residue on ignitionNot more than 0.1%0.023%

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Parameters of DL-Panthenol CAS 16485-10-2

Product parameters
Cas number:16485-10-2
Appearance:Well dispersed white powder
Package details:25kg/drum

Application of DL-Panthenol CAS 16485-10-2 Wholesale

Vitamin B5 precursor, radioprotectant, antimalarial.

Application of DL-Panthenol CAS 16485-10-2

Packing of DL-Panthenol CAS 16485-10-2 Bulk

Packing of DL-Panthenol CAS 16485-10-2

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