Carboxymethyl beta-cyclodextrin CAS NO.218269-34-2 for sale

Carboxymethyl beta-cyclodextrin CAS NO.218269-34-2 Wholesale & Bulk

Carboxymethyl beta-cyclodextrin is another modified form of beta-cyclodextrin, where carboxymethyl (-CH2COOH) groups are substituted onto the glucose units of the cyclodextrin molecule. This modification alters the properties of beta-cyclodextrin, making it more water-soluble and enhancing its ability to form inclusion complexes with guest molecules.

Similar to other modified cyclodextrins, carboxymethyl beta-cyclodextrin finds various applications across different industries:

1. Pharmaceutical Industry: It is used in pharmaceutical formulations to improve the solubility, stability, and bioavailability of drugs. Carboxymethyl beta-cyclodextrin can enhance drug delivery systems and enable controlled release of active pharmaceutical ingredients.

2. Food and Flavorings: Carboxymethyl beta-cyclodextrin is employed in the food industry to encapsulate flavors, colors, and other sensitive ingredients, enhancing their stability and dispersibility in food products. It can also be utilized to mask undesirable tastes or odors.

3. Cosmetics and Personal Care Products: In cosmetics and personal care formulations, carboxymethyl beta-cyclodextrin serves as a carrier for fragrances, vitamins, and other active ingredients, improving their stability and controlled release in products like creams, lotions, and shampoos.

4. Chemical Synthesis: Carboxymethyl beta-cyclodextrin is used in chemical synthesis processes, including chromatography, extraction, and catalysis. It facilitates the selective complexation and separation of organic compounds.

5. Biotechnology: In biotechnological applications, carboxymethyl beta-cyclodextrin is utilized for protein stabilization, purification, and formulation. It can help protect proteins from denaturation and aggregation, facilitating their storage and transport.

Overall, carboxymethyl beta-cyclodextrin offers versatility in various applications across different industries, leveraging its water solubility and ability to form inclusion complexes with guest molecules.

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