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Thymol CAS 89-83-8

There are two main sources of thymol: one is extracted from natural products, and the other is obtained by artificial synthesis. Due to the limited natural resources and the high extraction cost and environmental pressure, the main one is synthetic thymol.

Specifications of Thymol CAS 89-83-8

AppearanceWhite crystalQualified
OdorSpicy, herbal odorQualified
Melting point48℃~52℃49.5℃
Pesticide residue≤0.05%Qualified

Parameters of Thymol CAS 89-83-8

Product parameters
Cas number:89-83-8
Appearance:White crystal
Package details:25kg/drum

Package of our Thymol CAS 89-83-8

Package of our Thymol CAS 89-83-8

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