Rongalite CAS 149-44-0 for sale
Rongalite CAS 149-44-0 for sale
Rongalite CAS 149-44-0 for sale

Rongalite CAS 149-44-0 Wholesale & Bulk

Rongalite is mainly used in the printing and dyeing industry as a discharging agent, a stripping agent, a reducing agent.

Rongalite is soluble in water, relatively stable at room temperature, easy to decompose in case of acid, alkali and high temperature, because it has strong reducing property at high temperature, so that it has a bleaching effect, is an industrial bleach.

Specifications Of Rongalite CAS 149-44-0

Melting point64℃64℃
Heavy Metal0.01%0.008%
Insoluble substance0.1%0.05%

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Parameters Of Rongalite CAS 149-44-0

Product parameters
Cas number:149-44-0
Appearance:White powder
Package details:25kg/bag

Packing Of Rongalite CAS 149-44-0 Wholesale

Packing Of Rongalite CAS 149-44-0

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