Mannitol CAS 87-78-5 for sale
Mannitol CAS 87-78-5 for sale
Mannitol CAS 87-78-5 for sale

Mannitol CAS 87-78-5 Wholesale & Bulk

Mannitol is a monosaccharide that is not metabolized in the body, has low transmembrane transport capacity, and produces dehydration and diuretic effects by increasing plasma osmolality and urine osmolality.

Mannitol is used to lower cerebral pressure, intraocular pressure, and eliminate cerebral edema; Used as a diuretic; Renal function and intestinal examination; Oligouria and renal failure due to edema burns.

Specifications of Mannitol CAS 87-78-5

AppearanceWhite crystalline  powderWhite crystalline  powder
Reducing  sugars≥12.8 ml18.9ml
Lead≤0.5 ppm<0.5 ppm
Nickel≤1 ppm<1 ppm
Loss  on  drying≤0.5%0.1%
Bacterial endotoxins<2.5 IU/g<2.5IU/g
Assay98.0% ~ 102.0%99.7%

Parameters of Mannitol CAS 87-78-5

Product parameters
Cas number:87-78-5
Appearance:White crystalline powder
Package details:25kg/drum

Package of Mannitol CAS 87-78-5 Wholesale

Package of Mannitol CAS 87-78-5

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