Cyfluthrin CAS 68359-37-5 for sale
Cyfluthrin CAS 68359-37-5 for sale

Cyfluthrin CAS 68359-37-5 Wholesale & Bulk

Cyfluthrin has a good effect on a variety of squamous larvae and can also effectively control some underground pests. It has the advantages of wide insecticidal spectrum, rapid action and long effectiveness.

Cyfluthrin is a broad-spectrum, efficient, low-toxicity, safe and environmentally friendly pyrethroid insecticide, which has rapid contact effect and strong knockdown ability and certain gastric toxicity, and is stable to light, and the effective period in the soil is significantly longer than other pyrethrins, so it has better performance for underground pests such as grubs, mole clams, golden needle worms, etc. Cyfluthrin mainly acts on the sodium ion channels of the peripheral and central nervous systems of insects, disrupts the normal physiology of insect nerves, and causes them to die from excitement, spasms to paralysis, which can be used for foliar spray, seed dressing and soil treatment to control underground pests.

Specifications of Cyfluthrin CAS 68359-37-5

Water Content0.5% max0.3%
Acetone Insoluble0.5%max0.2%

Parameters of Cyfluthrin CAS 68359-37-5

Product parameters
Cas number:68359-37-5
Appearance:Brown sticky liquid
Purity:95% TC
Package details:200kg/Drum or 25kg/Drum

Our Packages of Cyfluthrin CAS 68359-37-5 Wholesale

Our Packages of Cyfluthrin CAS 68359-37-5

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