Bilirubin CAS 635-65-4 for sale
Bilirubin CAS 635-65-4 for sale

Bilirubin CAS 635-65-4 Wholesale & Bulk

Bilirubin has the effects of sedation, shock relief, antipyretic, blood pressure reduction, and promotion of red blood cell regeneration.

Bilirubin has a variety of pharmacological effects and is the main raw material for the manufacture of artificial bezoar. Pharmacological experiments have proved that it has a good inhibitory effect on W256 tumor, the inactivation rate and inhibition index of Japanese encephalitis virus are 1~1.5 times higher than that of deoxycholic acid and cholic acid, it is also an effective treatment drug for liver diseases, without destroying liver tissue, it has the effect of proliferating new cells, and can treat serum hepatitis, cirrhosis and other diseases.

Specifications of Bilirubin CAS 635-65-4

AppearanceOrange or reddish-brown crystalline powderReddish-brown crystalline powder
Loss on drying≤2.0 %0.76%

Parameters of Bilirubin CAS 635-65-4

Product parameters
Cas number:635-65-4
Appearance:Orange or reddish-brown crystalline powder
Package details:100g/bottle; 1kg/bag

Package of our Bilirubin CAS 635-65-4 Wholesale

Package of our Bilirubin CAS 635-65-4

Application of Bilirubin CAS 635-65-4 Bulk

Used for the treatment of serum hepatitis and cirrhosis.

Application of Bilirubin CAS 635-65-4

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