Trifluralin CAS 1582-09-8 for sale
Trifluralin CAS 1582-09-8 for sale
Trifluralin CAS 1582-09-8 for sale

Trifluralin CAS 1582-09-8 Wholesale & Bulk

Trifluralin is used as a herbicide for a variety of crops such as fruits, cotton, and soybeans.

Trifluralin is volatile, photolytic, with minimal water solvents and is not easy to move in the soil layer. It is a selective pre-germination soil treatment agent, which is mainly absorbed by the germ sheath and hypocotyl of weeds. It is ineffective against unearthed weeds, but effective against broad-leaved weeds of Poaceae and some small-grain seeds, with a long duration of effect.

Specifications Of Trifluralin CAS 1582-09-8

AppearanceOrange liquidOrange liquid
Content (g/L)≥480480.5

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Parameters Of Trifluralin CAS 1582-09-8

Product parameters
Cas number:1582-09-8
Appearance:Orange liquid
Package details:200L/drum

Packing Of Trifluralin CAS 1582-09-8 Wholesale

Packing Of Trifluralin CAS 1582-09-8

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