Butafosfan CAS 17316-67-5 for sale
Butafosfan CAS 17316-67-5 for sale
Butafosfan CAS 17316-67-5 for sale

Butafosfan CAS 17316-67-5 Wholesale & Bulk

Butafosfan, as an important substance for the body's supplementation of organophosphorus, can participate in the tricarboxylic acid cycle in the body, promote metabolism, accelerate the synthesis and utilization of essential energy in the body, so it can enhance the body's non-specific immunity, improve the body's disease resistance, and can also effectively remove metabolic ketones in the body, increase lactic acid content, and help the rapid recovery of diseases.

Butafosfan has the following effects: promoting liver function, helping the muscle transport system to recover from fatigue, reducing stress response, stimulating appetite, and promoting non-specific immune function.

Specifications of Butafosfan CAS 17316-67-5

AppearanceWhite crystalline powderWhite crystalline powder
Melting Point211-219℃213.6-215.8℃
Loss On Drying≤0.5%0.4%
Heavy Metals≤20ppm<10ppm

Parameters of Butafosfan CAS 17316-67-5

Product parameters
Cas number:17316-67-5
Appearance:White crystalline powder
Package details:25kg/drum

Package of our Butafosfan CAS 17316-67-5 Wholesale

Package of our Butafosfan CAS 17316-67-5

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