Amoxicillin CAS 26787-78-0 for sale
Amoxicillin CAS 26787-78-0 for sale
Amoxicillin CAS 26787-78-0 for sale

Amoxicillin CAS 26787-78-0 Wholesale & Bulk

Amoxicillin mainly inhibits the synthesis of bacterial cell walls, causing bacterial cell wall defects, and the continuous penetration of water leads to bacterial swelling and death, which has a strong bacteriostatic and bactericidal effect. As a penicillin antibacterial drug, the antibacterial mechanism of amoxicillin is to interfere with the synthesis of mucopeptides in the cell wall of sensitive bacteria, inhibit the metabolic enzymes of bacteria, trigger the autolytic enzyme activity of bacteria themselves, and make bacteria swell, deform and rupture, and dissolve and die. The role of amoxicillin is mainly in the anti-infection treatment of various systems, as follows: 1. Upper respiratory tract infection: otitis media, sinusitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, etc. Lower respiratory tract infections: acute bronchitis, pneumonia, etc. 2. Various skin and soft tissue infections. 3. Genitourinary tract infection: acute bacterial nephritis, acute cystitis, acute urethritis, acute simple gonorrhea, etc. 4. Amoxicillin can also be combined with metronidazole and omeprazole to eradicate gastric and duodenal Helicobacter pylori and reduce the recurrence rate of peptic ulcers.

Amoxicillin is one of the most commonly used penicillin broad-spectrum β-lactam antibiotics as a white powder. Amoxicillin has the characteristics of strong bactericidal effect and strong ability to penetrate cell membranes.

Specifications of Amoxicillin CAS 26787-78-0

AppearanceA white or almost white powder and granuleConform
PH3.5 – 5.54.5
Water11.5% - 14.5%13%
Related substance≤1.0%0.15%
Assay95.0% - 102.0%99.8%

Parameters of Amoxicillin CAS 26787-78-0

Product parameters
Cas number:26787-78-0
Appearance:A white or almost white powder and granule
Purity:95.0% - 102.0%
Package details:25kg/drum

Package of Amoxicillin CAS 26787-78-0 Wholesale

Package of Amoxicillin CAS 26787-78-0

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Application of Amoxicillin CAS 26787-78-0

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