Diethylstilbestrol CAS 56-53-1 for sale
Diethylstilbestrol CAS 56-53-1 for sale

Diethylstilbestrol CAS 56-53-1 Wholesale & Bulk

Diethylstilbestrol is mainly used for hypoestrogenism, functional bleeding and amenorrhea caused by hormone imbalance.

Indications for diethylstilbestrol: 1. Supplement estrogen deficiency in the body, such as atrophic vaginitis, female gonadal dysplasia, menopausal syndrome, senile vulvar dryness and vaginitis, after oophorectomy, primary ovarian absence; 2. Breast cancer, postmenopausal and advanced male breast cancer, unable to undergo surgical treatment; 3. Prostate cancer, advanced patients who cannot be treated with surgery; 4. Prevent postpartum lactation.

Specifications Of Diethylstilbestrol CAS 56-53-1

Appearancewhite crystalline powderconform

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Parameters Of Diethylstilbestrol CAS 56-53-1

Product parameters
Cas number:56-53-1
Appearance:White Crystalline Powder
Package details:25Kg/Drum

    Packing Of Diethylstilbestrol CAS 56-53-1 Wholesale

    Packing Of Diethylstilbestrol CAS 56-53-1

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