Lecithin CAS 8002-43-5 for sale
Lecithin CAS 8002-43-5 for sale
Lecithin CAS 8002-43-5 for sale

Lecithin CAS 8002-43-5 Wholesale & Bulk

Lecithin is a lipid formed by the condensation of glycerol, fatty acids (two molecules), phosphoric acid and choline, and the fatty acid chain in the molecule has two types: saturated and unsaturated, and is a non-polar hydrophobic tail; Choline phosphate is a dipole ion, which is a polar hydrophilic head and is known as the "third nutrient" after protein and vitamins. It is the material basis of life, is the basic raw material of various membrane structures of cells, exists in each cell, more concentrated in the liver, brain, heart, kidney and immune system, the human body is synthesized by the liver, food is mainly found in soybeans, egg yolk.

The biggest use of lecithin is as a food additive, followed by a feed additive. Lecithin is an important substance for anti-aging, interacting with proteins to form lipoproteins, which can not only improve food quality, but also have a health care effect of improving cardiovascular and cerebrovascular and nervous system function.

Specifications of Lecithin CAS 8002-43-5

AppearanceLight yellow powderConform
Acid value≤35 mg/g33.6 mg/g
Acetone insolubles≥97.0 w/%97.9% w/%

Parameters of Lecithin CAS 8002-43-5

Product parameters
Cas number:8002-43-5
Appearance:Light yellow powder/brownish-yellow liquid
Purity:Acetone insolubles:97.0 w/% min
Package details:20kg/carton,50kg/drum,200kg/drum

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Unique Advantages for Lecithin CAS 8002-43-5

Packing of Lecithin CAS 8002-43-5 Bulk

Packing of Lecithin CAS 8002-43-5

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