D-Tagatose CAS 87-81-0 for sale
D-Tagatose CAS 87-81-0 for sale
D-Tagatose CAS 87-81-0 for sale

D-Tagatose CAS 87-81-0 Wholesale & Bulk

Tagatose is a rare monosaccharide, a six-carbon ketose, epimer of fructose and keto form of galactose. Tagatose is regarded as a low-calorie functional sweetener because it is 92% as sweet as sucrose, but with only 1/3 (1.5kcal/g) of the calories. It has many physiological functions as anti-hyperglycemia, amelioration of intestinal flora, dental caries prevention and widely applied in fields of food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry.

Tagatose not only tastes very close to sucrose, but also has a good taste synergy with other powerful sweeteners. For example, in combination with molasses, saccharin, aspartame, acesulfame, glycyrrhizic acid, stevioside, mogroside V, thaumatin, alitame, neotame and sucralose, etc., it can significantly improve the taste, flavor and aftertaste of these sweeteners.

Specifications Of D-Tagatose CAS 87-81-0

High purity
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AppearanceWhite or almost whiteWhite powder
Melting point,℃129—136129—131
Specific optical rotation, °﹣4—﹣7﹣6.8
Loss on drying1%max0.12%
Residue on ignition0.2%max0.06%
Heavy Metals20ppm max<10ppm

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Parameters Of D-Tagatose CAS 87-81-0

Product parameters
Cas number:87-81-0
Appearance:White or almost white powder
Package details:25kg/drum

Applications Of D-Tagatose CAS 87-81-0 Wholesale

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Applications Of D-Tagatose CAS 87-81-0

Packing Of D-Tagatose CAS 87-81-0 Bulk

Packing Of D-Tagatose CAS 87-81-0

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