Mifepristone CAS 84371-65-3 for sale
Mifepristone CAS 84371-65-3 for sale
Mifepristone CAS 84371-65-3 for sale

Mifepristone CAS 84371-65-3 Wholesale & Bulk

Mifepristone is used as an anti-early pregnant medicine.

Mifepristone mainly acts on endometrial progesterone receptors, can bind to progesterone receptors and glucocorticoid receptors, has a high affinity, affinity for endometrial progesterone receptors is 5 times stronger than progesterone, has no significant effect on cortisol levels at effective doses, can produce a strong anti-progesterone effect, degeneration of decidua and villi tissue of pregnancy, release endogenous prostaglandins, lead to uterine contractions, and can reduce the production of human chorionic gonadotropin, luteal dissolution, thereby miscarriage of embryos. Mifepristone is used to prevent early pregnancy, induce menstruation, post-event contraception, stillbirth induction, and cervical maturation, and can also be used for gynecological surgical operations, such as intrauterine device placement and removal, taking endometrial specimens, laser separation of cervical canal dysplasia, and cervical dilation and curettage.

Specifications of Mifepristone CAS 84371-65-3

DescriptionLight yellowish crystalline powderConform
Specific rotation+124°~+129°+127.5°
Melting point192~196℃193~195℃
Loss on drying≤0.5%0.22%

Parameters of Mifepristone CAS 84371-65-3

Product parameters
Cas number:84371-65-3
Appearance:Light yellowish crystalline powder
Package details:1kg/foil bag; 25kg/drum

Package of our Mifepristone CAS 84371-65-3 Wholesale

Package of our Mifepristone CAS 84371-65-3

Application of Mifepristone CAS 84371-65-3 Bulk

Used as an anti early pregnancy drug.

Application of Mifepristone CAS 84371-65-3

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