Gamma Cyclodextrin CAS 17465-86-0 for sale
Gamma Cyclodextrin CAS 17465-86-0 for sale
Gamma Cyclodextrin CAS 17465-86-0 for sale

Gamma Cyclodextrin CAS 17465-86-0 Wholesale & Bulk

Gamma Cyclodextrin has a larger internal cavity, higher water solubility, and more bioavailability, so it has wider applications in many industries, especially in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Gamma Cyclodextrin can form coating (encapsulation) with drugs, which can stabilize (1) unstable drugs; (2) deliquescence, adhesive or liquid drug powdering; (3) Poorly soluble or insoluble drugs can be dissolved (solubilized), etc.

Specifications of Gamma Cyclodextrin CAS 17465-86-0

AppearanceWhite powderConforms
Reducing Sugar≤0.2%Conforms

Parameters of Gamma Cyclodextrin CAS 17465-86-0

Product parameters
Cas number:17465-86-0
Appearance:White powder
Package details:25kg/fiber drum

Cyclooctapentylose, also known as C8P, is a cyclic oligosaccharide composed of eight glucose units. It belongs to the family of cyclodextrins, which find various applications in industries ranging from pharmaceuticals to food and cosmetics. Here are some common applications of Cyclooctapentylose:

1. Drug Delivery:Cyclooctapentylose can encapsulate drugs within its cavity, forming inclusion complexes. This property makes it useful in drug delivery systems to improve drug solubility, stability, and bioavailability.

2. Food Industry:It can be used as a food additive, particularly in encapsulating flavors, colors, and fragrances. This enhances their stability and prolongs their shelf life in various food products.

3. Cosmetics:Cyclooctapentylose can be incorporated into cosmetic formulations for encapsulating active ingredients, enhancing their stability and efficacy in skincare and personal care products.

4. Chemical Reactions: It can act as a chiral template or a phase-transfer catalyst in organic synthesis, facilitating specific chemical reactions and enhancing selectivity.

5. Wastewater Treatment: Cyclooctapentylose has been investigated for its potential in removing pollutants from wastewater by encapsulating contaminants, thus aiding in their removal.

6. Material Science:It finds applications in materials science for modifying the properties of polymers and other materials, improving their performance in various applications.

These are just a few examples of the diverse applications of Cyclooctapentylose, highlighting its versatility and potential in different industries.

Package of our Gamma Cyclodextrin CAS 17465-86-0 Wholesale

Package of our Gamma Cyclodextrin CAS 17465-86-0

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