Levodopa CAS 59-92-7 for sale
Levodopa CAS 59-92-7 for sale
Levodopa CAS 59-92-7 for sale

Levodopa CAS 59-92-7 Wholesale & Bulk

Levodopa is an effective drug for the treatment of tremor paralysis; it is mainly used for Parkinson's syndrome.

Levodopa is used to treat Parkinson's disease and Parkinson's syndrome, treat hepatic coma, improve central function, make patients awake, and improve symptoms. Levodopa can promote sleep, reduce fat, increase bone density and reverse osteoporosis, increase muscle strength and enhance sexual performance.

Specifications of Levodopa CAS 59-92-7

AppearanceWhite or almost white crystalline powderAlmost white crystalline powder
Heavy metal≤0.001%<0.001%
Loss on drying≤1.0%0.3%
Sulpahted ash≤ 0.1%0.03%
Nickel≤ 125ppm0.38ppm

Parameters of Levodopa CAS 59-92-7

Product parameters
Cas number:59-92-7
Appearance:White or almost white crystalline powder
Package details:1kg/foilbag; 25kg/drum

Package of Levodopa CAS 59-92-7 Wholesale

Package of Levodopa CAS 59-92-7

Application of Levodopa CAS 59-92-7 Bulk

Mellting point: 276-278 °C(lit.)
Refractive index: -12 ° (C=5, 1mol/L HCl)
Storage condition: 2-8°C
Application:As antiparkinsonian agent, it is mainly used in the treatment of Parkinson's syndrome and so on.

Application of Levodopa CAS 59-92-7

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