Dimetridazole CAS 551-92-8 for sale
Dimetridazole CAS 551-92-8 for sale
Dimetridazole CAS 551-92-8 for sale

Dimetridazole CAS 551-92-8 Wholesale & Bulk

Demenidazole can inhibit the redox reaction of amoeba and break the nitrogen chain; Effective for protozoa such as trichomoniasis, trichomoniasis, porcine colon pouch cilia, flagellates, erythrocyte bodies, etc.; It has a significant inhibitory effect on anaerobic bacteria (necrosis bacillus, clostridial spp., staphylococcus, Vibrio enterobacteria), etc., and is also effective against spirochetes between protozoa and bacteria.

Dimetridazole is mainly used as a veterinary antibacterial drug and is the first choice for the prevention and treatment of swine dysentery.

Specifications of Dimetridazole CAS 551-92-8

AppearanceAlmost white or brownish-yellow powderAlmost white
Melting Point138~141℃139.2~139.4℃
Loss on drying≤1%0.21%
Sulfated ash≤0.1%0.04%
Assay (on dried basis)98%~101%99.2%

Parameters of Dimetridazole CAS 551-92-8

Product parameters
Cas number:551-92-8
Appearance:Almost white or brownish yellow powder
Package details:25kg/drum

Package of our Dimetridazole CAS 551-92-8 Wholesale

Package of our Dimetridazole CAS 551-92-8

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