Policresulen CAS 101418-00-2 for sale
Policresulen CAS 101418-00-2 for sale

Policresulen CAS 101418-00-2 Wholesale & Bulk

Policresulen is a medicine used to treat cervical erosions. It is non-toxic and does not cause allergies and drug resistance.

Policresulen is selective for necrotic or diseased tissues, can coagulate and shed diseased tissues, can also cause local hyperemia, stimulate granulation tissue hyperplasia, and accelerate epidermal coverage, but does not damage normal tissues. Policresulen also kills bacteria, mold, and trichomoniasis through high acid and protein coagulation, and has astringent and hemostatic effects. It can be used to treat cervical erosions, various inflammations of the vagina, or hemostasis after a biopsy. It can also be used to treat small burns, limb ulcers, bedsores, and chronic dermatitis.

Specifications of Policresulen CAS 101418-00-2

AppearanceRed-brown clear liquid,viscousconform

Parameters of Policresulen CAS 101418-00-2

Product parameters
Cas number:101418-00-2
Appearance:Red-brown clear liquid,viscous
Package details:25kg/Drum;200Kg/Drum

Our Packages of Policresulen CAS 101418-00-2 Wholesale

Our Packages of Policresulen CAS 101418-00-2

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